Don’t pee in my pool, I don’t swim in your toilet!

Link13th Tim Hortons Casablanca Classic 8k & Cold Stone 3k In Support of Wounded Warriors.
Wear a poppy and remember our veterans and support our troops!!!

I’ve decided to run this race tomorrow (well, I really decided a few weeks ago). Sadly, this race will not be the same for many due to the sudden passing of Jerry Friesen (last week), the race director. It’s been said that, “he was one of the most well respected running legends of our time”. Jerry died suddenly Wednesday morning (Nov 2) while out on a run close to his home. “Jerry has been a race director for over 20 years and has been involved in organizing over one hundred races. He is currently the Series Director of the Subaru Niagara Running Series as well as Cruise to run.”, says the Subaru Niagara Running Series website. Just a few days before he died, we’d been emailing about my entrance to the race. Wearing a poppy while remembering those who fought for us, and Jerry, will make for an emotional event.

As for my race, this should be interesting. I wasn’t going to race again until 2012 but figure one a month is ok. These distances seem so short but I know I need to get faster at the shorter stuff to make the marathon faster.
So, today I did a shorter session on the track at the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre to keep the legs fresh. It didn’t go so well and I’ve been ranting about it all day. Here’s what happened… There was a Midget AAA tournament w/ a lot of hockey players, parents, coaches, scouts, etc. So naturally, the track where I train, above the rink, was busy. Teams were warming up and people were ALL OVER the place. I’m all for hockey. I played my entire life (started at age 4), all the way up to varsity, and my kids are starting to play the sport. BUT, I was not impressed w/ the lack of respect these people showed, walking on and off the track with no regard to those of us using it! Several times I let out a little shout to get peoples’ attention and still nothing. Often the same people were the ones in the way. REALLY?! Could they not read the signs, “Do not stand on track”? I guess (hope) it will just be a matter of time for people to learn. I suppose I could really make a scene and go on their ice since they’re on my track. You know the saying, “Don’t pee in my pool, I don’t swim in your toilet.”


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