Another Season

Let me tell you, I love the location of our home in Brantford. It’s close to the 403, the trails, the school, and the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre.
With my training, and now that we are into hockey season, I will be at the WGSC Monday-Friday. I train 3 mornings/wk and take Seth skating Tues’/Thurs’. Check out the pictures of the new facility. We now have 4 new rinks, one indoor track (!!!!), and a new pool on the way.

I just finished a decent week of steady running, nothing spectacular considering I just raced on the 16th. I got in 90 km, which included a great 25 km run Saturday with sunny skies, beautifully coloured trees, and the perfect temperature.

Just seems like yesterday that Micah was using the pusher and Seth was in the stroller!

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