Well, this morning was rather eventful…
Leah was my alarm clock at 6:00 am so I fed her and got dressed. Then, Micah got up right before I was about to sneak out of the house quietly for my run. I asked him to let Moses (the dog) out for a pee while I put on the tv show, Wild Kratts, for him. In seconds he ran to me saying, “Mom, there’s a skunk in our backyard!”. My first thought was that he was joking, but I could then tell by his excitement that he was not. I ran to the door and looked out to see Moses and the skunk in a battle. The skunk was aiming. Moses was barking. I ran to get Jonathan out of bed (poor guy, he is not a morning person if he doesn’t have to be, and needs his sleep because he travels a lot for work during the week). By the time we got back downstairs, the skunk was in a heap on the ground and Moses was walking around, disturbed and grabbing at his face. Both defeated.
So, we paced the house for a while not knowing what to do. Jonathan started looking up recipes and posted it on facebook (where he got a lot of suggestions such as coke, tomato juice, pet store stuff, homemade stuff, etc.). We couldn’t let Moses back in but he kept going toward the skunk. So, Jonathan tied him up at the back of the yard (our backyard is 150 feet deep). I went for my run and he started making his weekend waffles while he kept his eye on the skunk, which we thought was dead. Well, it was not. Jonathan saw it move on occasion. Disturbing. This can’t happen again! But eventually the skunk staggered its way out of the yard (it would take a few steps, fall then get back up again) and Moses was free. We had breakfast together then Jonathan got the ingredients to making the paste/wash and spent the day cleaning Moses (bathed 3x), the back patio, etc. What a Saturday!
Training was ok this week. The Toad trail race was harder on my legs and foot than I thought so I tried to take it somewhat easy, not doing my tempo until later in the week. So, I got in 80 km of running with some biking and swimming.
I hope to go under 1:18 next Sunday but we’ll have to see.
I’ve been following the events for the STWM. The Canadian guys have a great field. It will be amazing to be at this race. And it’s going to be covered by CBC! Great for the sport!
This week I will continue to taper. I’ll likely run 4x, swim 1x, and bike 2x.

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