Run for the Toad


1. Awards and meal tent. Sooo many people!
2. Snake!
3. Snuggled up.
4. Kids’ tent.
5. Race morning w/ Leah before heading out.

Well, I survived the week on my own (Jonathan was away for work) AND managed to do OK at the Run for the Toad 25 km trail race (near Paris). First, a big thank you goes to Jonathan’s parents for helping me with the kids. Training can be tricky with 3 kids, including one you are nursing. Racing is even more difficult. But, Grammy saved the day! She slept over so that I could feed Leah and leave by 7:30 am then brought them to the race, shortly after I finished. Since I’m on the topic of kids, what a kid-friendly race!They had a tent with crafts, activities, heat, and movies to keep the kids entertained and warm. They even had a snake to show the kids!
As for the race, it was really quite a different experience for me. I’m so used to road and treadmill running so the twists, turns, hills, leaves, roots, etc. made for an entirely different, but great race. I hadn’t run a trail race since highschool but certainly enjoyed it again! I wasn’t a big fan of the fact that you have no idea where your competition is but welcomed the beautiful scenery and well-marked course. Oh, and the food was amazing! When Jonathan is away, I must admit, I don’t do a lot of real cooking. So, I thoroughly enjoyed my first real meal of the week! Thank you, Peggy and George.
Jonathan is now home, the kids are in bed, and I’ve enjoyed a wonderful epsom salt bath. Lovely.

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