Another Great Week.

Despite the bruised toe, still-kinda-sore rib, and bum-right-foot, I was able to log 96 km this week (and swim 4.5 km and bike 65 min). Yipppeee!
After feeding Leah, I was out the door at 6:20 a.m. for my 28 km run (yeah, no skunks but I did see a fox!). I must say it is very convenient to start my run as soon as I get out the door but I do miss running w/ the guys in Paris. I will likely get into running w/ them again when I’m up to 30+ km runs, later in the fall, and Leah is a bit older. It’s handy to not have to pump but I will if needed. I leave it up to Jonathan to decide. Micah starts hockey so that’s another ball to juggle.
I haven’t been doing as much swimming and biking as before but I am listening to my body – the increased mileage requires a bit more recovery, and that is ok. I hope to be consistently running 100 km/wk, biking at least 2x/wk, and swimming 3x/wk this fall.
I’m still planning to run the Toad Oct 2 and STWM 1/2 Oct 16.

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