Warning: some people don’t like feet. If that is you, stop reading now.
Ouch. Bumping your toe sure can hurt if you do it hard enough. The funny thing is that, like many, I’ve bumped my toe(s) many times in my life. This time, it hurt, but not as bad initially. Then, as the day went on it hurt more and became a lovely shade of violet. So, I rode the bike (which wasn’t that bad because I needed a day off from running anyway, and it was raining). Tomorrow I hope to be back at it. Hey, I’ve been running w/ a cracked rib for a few weeks. A toe can’t be much worse, can it?
Oh, and I know I am NO foot model and could use a serious pedicure! Not many runners I know really care about the beauty of their feet though! When I ran Ottawa in May last year, I lost 2 toenails and said I’d paint my toenails once they grew back. I didn’t get them painted at all last summer!
Oh, one more thing about toes. I’ve had an in-grown toenail on my big R toe for years. It is a bother. The best thing is to keep the nail trimmed straight across, and put a tiny bit of cotton, dipped in tea-tree oil, under the nail when it is sore. Thanks, Jim, for this tip you gave me long ago!

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