Rock the Road 10 km – London, ON.

Well, I wanted to see where things are. Now I know.

Today I ran the Rock the Road 10 km in London. Brandon and Chantelle and gang put on a great race (thanks, guys)! Not a PR for me, that is for sure. But not a disaster either.

It’s hard to articulate how I feel about today. On one hand, I should be pleased with my performance considering my mileage has been super low the last 6 weeks (only averaging 31-60 km per week due to recovering from my wonky leg), I gave birth 5 months ago (and have two other wonderful kids…they did the fun run – my 5 yr old is on the far right), and still have a nasty case of plantar fasciitis in my right foot. On the other hand, running a 10 km at a pace slower than marathon pace just stinks.

But, I am super glad I raced. I really needed it to get my head back into the racing world. I had no goals in mind (hmmm likely should have) and just wanted to test the legs…and that is what I did. So, I pause to pray, ponder, and plan. I believe the best thing will be to simply consistently increase my mileage over the next 6 weeks, pain-free. Not sure about racing. Might just wait until October for that.

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