Lots of time in the Pool!

So, I just finished another decent week of training; the leg is feeling better and better w/ each run. I’m stretching, seeing Donnie/France, and wearing the Strassburg sock, which is helpful. I’d love to ramp up the mileage right away but am choosing to be safe and not sorry.
I’ve been getting in a tonne of swimming (treading, running, laps) this summer at the cabin, in our backyard, at our cousins’, and the gym…it’s so great! The bike continues to get great use too. Runs have been split between the road/trails and the treadmill. I’m so glad Maureen and Jeanetta can watch the kids Mon, Tues and Thurs mornings at the Gretzky Centre so I can train. I’m slowly getting back to workouts.

I was at the Saucony (can’t wait to get the new recovery shoes, shown in the picture) booth at the Run for the Toad practice run on Saturday. It was great to see so many people and familiar faces. Leah was giving her cute smiles to those passing by and the boys joined us after soccer. I must say I am becoming more interested in trail running. Maybe you’ll see me at the real toad race, Oct 1st. It might be a great practice run for the STWM 1/2 I hope to do Oct 16th.

The last picture here is a great snapshot of my life. After a morning bike ride and quick backyard dip in the pool, making pancakes and lunches, and spending a full day at African Lion Safari (we have a seasons pass) I’m nursing the baby, keeping the sleeping 3 yr old from falling off the couch, entertaining the 5 yr old who is ready and waiting in his uniform for soccer, checking email while drinking another coffee (this time iced), and waiting for dinner to cook so that we can eat it right away when my husband gets home before heading out the door again. Did you follow all of that? FUN!
So, another week begins. Can’t wait!

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