Getting there!

We just got back from a week at the cabin . Wow, what a GREAT Family Camp! My sister was the director and did a great job!
I was able to do some fairly decent training while away. Jonathan set up my bike (on rollers) and Maple Grove has a pool so I was able to do about 30 min (each) of biking, swimming and running most days. I managed to run 31 km, which was great. The leg is not too bad. My friend Diana (a Massage Therapist) was very helpful.
While there, I just slipped quietly out of the cabin after feeding Leah in the morning. I then had a quick shower and ate breakfast with the family before morning programs started. I did the bike and pool in the later afternoon when Leah was napping.
So, back to the gym for this week…hoping to keep increasing the miles and intensity while listening to the body.

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