Wise Choices

Well, I am thrilled that I’ve been able to do a few successful, very short trial runs (road and treadmill). I am always telling my kids to make, “wise choices”(Mrs. Willett’s line, the SK teacher at school) and I think it has paid off for me … after taking 13 days off from running.
My right leg isn’t 100% yet but I have very little pain, during and after, my runs. I went to Donnie , which was helpful and kept listening to my body. But, the Peachbud is definitely a no-go tomorrow (June 28). Would love to do it but just shouldn’t. So, I will continue to build from here. The best thing is that I don’t believe I’ve lost much fitness so hopefully things will keep progressing. The plan is to do the Runners Feed 10 km, Aug 21.
I will now go to the gym with the 3 kids, 3 days each week for the summer so will have the opportunity to get in even more cross-training and treadmill running.

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