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Check out the picture of my 3 yr old and I wearing Saucony’s compression socks. They are quite spiffy. I’ve been wearing compression socks a lot lately to try to help w/ my wonky leg. My husband kindly asked me, “Can we expect to see these on you all summer?”. Likely! The Saucony calf sleeves are great too but I’ll keep them for workouts!

For the second time, I am reading through, “Experiencing God” by Henry T. Blackaby & Claude V. King. I am on Unit 8, Day 5, “Total Dependence on God”. Several statements have been very meaningful to me, in a different way than they were the first time. Specifically, Blackaby and King explain that in depending on God alone, “The adjustment requires moving from doing work for God according to your abilities, your gifts, your likes and dislikes, and your goals to being totally dependent on God and His working and His resources. This is a MAJOR adjustment! It is never easy to make”.
I can’t help but think how this relates to me. Right now I am not running (ok, it’s only been 5 days but it seems like forever) due to this weird thing in my right calf. But, it’s not about me and my abilities and my gifts, etc. In training for the Ottawa Marathon where I ran a 2:39, claimed the title of National Marathon Champion, and had the fastest Cdn female marathon time for 2010, my training was perfect. I did not miss one workout and did not have one injury. It was great! But, it was not everything. Like I said about Job in my interview with Runners Feed, everything (my great family, career as dietitian, etc.) can be stripped away… except for my faith in God, which is forever. So, it’s not all about me. Rather, Him. So, I press on. I aim to “let it go” that I have to take a bit of time to let this leg heal.

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