Down but not out!

Well, folks…I think I need to take it back a bit. My lower right leg is a bit of a nuisance these days and I am going to listen to it. Considering I’ve increased my mileage to 85 km/week (on top of the pool, bike, and elliptical) and won 2 races within 3 months of giving birth, I think I need to listen! It’s just not smart to push myself. I do not want regrets a year from now. Nor do I want to ask myself, “When did Leah grow up so fast?”. Last week I tried to do waaaay too many things in one day (school run, Chariot run to track for a workout, groceries, African Lion Safari) … and it was a disaster. Leah was fussy and that’s when I knew I had to hit the brakes (combined with the leg pain)!
So, I think I will decrease the running to 3 days/week for now. The great thing is that I can still cross-train with no leg problems. So, my focus is strength and increased fitness, not speed.
The Peachbud 5 km or 10 km June 28 is a question mark for now. I would like to do Runners Feed’s Rock the Road 10 km August 21 and the STWM 1/2 Oct 16. But, like I said, I am listening!

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  1. Please let me know if you're going to do the Peachbud (it's the one in Grimsby right?) – I would love to see you guys and watch you!

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