Another race complete…and another victory!

One of my favourite races is my home-town Alvinston to Watford 16 km road race! It started in 1958 (not many races are this old) and is held every Victoria Monday.
I am not sure how many times I’ve done it but I do know I’ve been first female the last several times. It’s not super competitive but there is nothing like running from one small town to another, through the country. I often think about the many trips spent on that road with my dad and sister, on the way to hockey. I was able to run by my cheering family, right at my elementary school. The weather is usually rainy but today was great. The tail-wind was amazing (and I needed it)! We left our house at 6:45 am, in order to register and get to the 10 am start. Jonathan was able to make 3 stops with the kids, to cheer me on. So sweet. Seth was wearing his, “Go Mommy Go” t-shirt I got from Running Skirts. He was so proud. Micah, being 5, I guess, was too old to wear his! But they did cheer with their bells! I was thrilled that the race provided eload! Thanks, Sharon!
I was sporting my Saucony vizipro for the race. During my warm-up, a few girls were on their trampoline and told me how much they “loved” my orange! Funny how you can influence the youngins!
So, my time was about 65 minutes, which I am pleased about. I had one lady I kept my eye on and was able to eventually get past her with 1.5 km left! I knew I had to pass her with confidence, speed and strength (thanks, Coach Murray Jackson) and was motivated by my kids. I just could not go home without winning that big trophy for them! There was no prize money but the trophy=priceless!


  1. Way to go, sis!!!! I think it's fantastic that you get back often to run. Did they make mention of the fact that it's your hometown when you got your trophy? Make sure you get the clipping from the newspaper for you metal tool box (remember how Dad kept accomplishments for us, each in our own tool boxes?) I use Rubbermaids for our kids. (Anyway, I digress!!)
    Well done and congrats!!!!

  2. Congratulations Krista; what an accomplishement!! Your proud aunt sent me the interview then I got to your blog from there. Yes, you have run the Alvinston to Watford race for many years. I can hardly believe you've run all the races listed here on the right. You look great too. Wow!

    Your family friend from long ago, Phyllis Warmerdam

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