Back to Racing!

Well, it’s done. I just completed my first race back since having Leah 2 months ago. I tell ya, being injured and pregnant for 9 months will slow you down BUT the hunger I have to return is great! The come-back work hurts and it’s hard but I’ve already seen huge improvements in my speed and strength since my first run, which was a few weeks after giving birth. And I love it! I often get people at the gym asking, “Didn’t you just have a baby?”. Funny.
So, Saturday was a long pre-race day. Jonathan had been away for work since early Friday morning and I was again on my own for the day. I kept the 3 kids happy in front of the tv so that I could ride the bike for 30 minutes at 6:30 am. I had my last run Friday while Micah was at school because I can only fit 2 kids in the Chariot. It was a beautiful day and I finished my 75 km week with a 15 km run (included a few laps around the track to keep the legs fresh). Seth even joined me, for some laps and stretching, which was so cute (see the picture). Back to Saturday, it was rainy so I tried to keep busy. Micah had soccer and we watched some 3-on-3 hockey in the morning. We had lunch, I squeezed in a short nap, we went out to register for the race, went to the pharmacy, stopped by the paint store (we are switching the kids rooms so that the boys have the bigger room…going from 2 to 3 kids forces you to deal with clutter, yikes it is everywhere right now!), and killed some more time at the library. We got home and I made some lasagna while the boys watched a Curious George movie. Then, Jonathan surprised us by being home for dinner! After that we started moving things around for the painting then put the boys to bed. Jonathan and I caught up on things then Leah and I went to bed around 11 pm and I pumped at 2 am (NOT something you should leave to the last minute before a race!). In the morning, we sent Micah to church with his cousins and dealt with a sick Seth. I fed Leah around 9 am, put her to bed, and rushed out the door.
The weather was coolish, grey and rainy. I had an easy warm-up then nearly started with the wrong group (they had a school group that started elsewhere)! Not many were in this race but there was one girl from Guelph that I kept my eye on. Boy, I am not used to 5 km races! But, I plugged away and was able to get past her with 200 m to go! I did a 2 km cool-down then headed to the gym for a 2.3 km swim. I returned home around 12:45 to my amazing family. I think I can swing the 16 km race on the holiday Monday; another low-key one to see where I’m at?! Oh, my 5 km time was nothing amazing (18:46 which is last year’s marathon pace!) but I am glad I got out there and did it, feeling strong and happy.

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