You know what they say…no pain, no gain!

Well, Leah is now 8 weeks old and training keeps coming along. I continue to do a combination of elliptical/pool/bike/run and strength/core/stretching. Today was a short but sweet 20 min bike (Leah was hungry so I had to cut it short and Jonathan was already gone to church. My 5 yr old made a few attempts with the soother so that he and his 3 yr old brother could continue watching tv but no luck!) + a 2 km swim + a 10 km tempo on the treadmill. It’s crazy that my last marathon (2:39:08) pace seems like a sprint but I am coming along. And of course, I’m not at my pre-pregnancy weight yet either. But, I am so blessed to be running, and almost completely pain-free. Things will come along as they should. Being pregnant and injured for 9 months will slow anyone down I guess!
People often ask how Leah and I are doing. Well, she and I have a pretty good system … she gives me a long stretch at night, and another long stretch in the morning. So I can sleep, train, and get a lot of my household chores done during those 2 periods (about 5-7 hrs each). Sweet!
Of course there are some crazy times but we love it.
Jonathan is really great to keep me posted on his schedule so that I can plan runs around his return time. Usually I have dinner in the oven and head out the door as soon as he is home! I often call myself “Casserole Krista”! I’ll tell you, when you have one hour, you have one hour…or supper burns! So you make the best of it. The other night I had dinner in the oven and went for a hill workout. I was 1.5 km from home so nearing the end BUT a train STOPPED right in front of me on the tracks. It forced me to add another 3 km to my run (I couldn’t just stand there, come on!). It all worked out though because Jonathan took the kids for a walk and turned the oven off before he left! Phew!
I look forward to another week of training. I just love the balance of it all!

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