Coming Along

Training is coming along and going well. I am getting a bit stronger and faster each week. Last week I managed to complete 90 min on the elliptical, 129 min on the bike, 4.6 km in the pool, and 61 km running. My longest run was 20 km, which felt great. It’s hard to determine my pace exactly due to frequent stops (scooping poop, plugging in soothers, answering questions…while running w/ a 7 wk old, 3 yr old, and dog!). I’ve been splitting my day into 2 sessions, which is working well. I have a bit of pain in my right foot (plantar fasc.) but believe I am managing it well with 2 non-running days/week, stretching, orthotics, and osteopathy.
I still hope to do the Brantford Classic 5 km May 15. It’ll be a good tester to see where I am…it’s been a long time since doing a 5 km!

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