A Day in the Life of a Marathon Mom

A Day in the Life of a Marathon Mom

When you are a mom of 3 young kids (including a newborn), it’s hard to know when your day actually begins and ends! But I wouldn’t have it any other way! God has blessed us, that is for sure!
Anyway, here it is:

2300 Bath, feed and bed for 5 1/2 wk old Leah. Me to bed!
0400 Leah up for feed. Although she is usually only up once, it takes a while for her to settle.
0645 Seth (age 3) and Micah (age 5) up for the day. Pancakes, fruit and milk for breakfast. Unload dishwasher, make lunches/snacks, plan dinner, send Micah off to school.
0855 Arrive at gym and drop off Leah and Seth for excellent childcare.
0905 Swim approximately 2.3 km.
1005 Run/elliptical approximately 1 hr. Weights/core/stretch 1/2 hr.
1200 Shower. Lunch.
1300 Nap for 20 min. Household chores (laundry, cleaning, etc.).
1500 Get Micah from school. Prep dinner. Play outside.
1700 Jonathan arrives home from work. Dinner.
1800 Clean up. Family time.
1900 Boys’ bath and bedtime.
2000 Devotions, email, budget stuff, tv, relax, etc.

… reading, teaching, refereeing, nursing (bumps, bruises and baby!), chauffeuring, playdates, sports activities, diaper changing…

The training has been going well. I am up to about 55 km/wk and continue to use the pool, elliptical and bike to cross train. Patience!

Love it!

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