I’m baaack!

Thanks to Chariot, it will be much easier to get back to running! Check out the picture of Leah (2 weeks old) in the amazing, “very well-engineered” (as Jonathan told the boys while assembling it) infant sling .
Seth, Leah and I enjoyed our first walk today w/ the Chariot.

And thanks to Saucony for the spring/summer shipment of amazing running gear! The kids had fun (again) trying everything on!

I’m already back to running/biking/swimming. Now that the childcare is open again, I will be back at the gym. Can’t wait!

Check out Kara Goucher’s blog.
She ran the NYC 1/2 today and placed third with a time of 1:09:03. She just had a baby in September. Go, marathon mommies!

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