Getting Back Into It

March 13, 2011
Leah is now 8 days old and I’ve been walking most days since she was born. At this point, I really have to listen to my body. Do a little more each day but not too much. I haven’t blogged on the birth but it was much different than the boys’. Long story short = I was induced at 4:30 pm…at 10:00 pm I was feeling a bit uncomfortable…at 1:00 am my water broke and my contractions were stronger…she was born at 4:00 am.
So, I’ve battled plantar fasciitis for the last 10 months – it started just as I was tapering for the Ottawa Marathon (which was end of May). I thought it would just go away w/ less mileage during the pregnancy but it did not. So, in the fall I started physio (Universal Health with Adam and Matt), which was somewhat helpful. Then I saw Dr. Scap (Niagara Falls) who referred me to a more local chiropractor (Dr. Binning at Champion in Cambridge) for fascial scraping and ART, which was also somewhat helpful. Just recently I saw an osteopath (France Saindon in Brantford) and got fittted for custom made orthotics with Dr. Mike Forgrave (Cambridge/Kitchener). I have noticed a difference since losing a bunch of weight already (thanks, Leah!) and hope that the osteopathy and orthotics do even more.
This week I plan to keep walking and perhaps hop on the bike (on rollers) for a short ride or two. Maybe I can squeeze in some swimming if the timing works out w/ Leah (and the boys), before Jonathan has to go to work. The childcare at the gym is open again March 21 so I will then get back to swimming and perhaps some light running on the treadmill.
I would like to do the 5 km of the Brantford Classic, May 15. It won’t be record time but something to work toward.

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