Itching…to run. And starting to itch…to have a baby!
I am 4 days from my due date and keeping busy, knowing my 2nd baby was born 10 days AFTER his due date! Being “ready” for basically a month is tooooo long!
Lately I’ve really been diligent with treating my plantar fasciitis (that I thought would just go away during the pregnancy w/ low mileage). I really think things are coming along and I will be able to get back to some easy running in March. The plan is to do a decent amount of cross training (bike, pool, eliptical) while slowly but surely starting to run. Coach Nicole and I have planned shorter races (5, 10, 1/2’s) for the year so as to increase my speed. Perhaps I’ll be able to do a full in early 2012.
Taking a “break” to have a baby really allows yourself time to wait for the drive to return. Well, it’s back.
I am grateful to have support again from Saucony, Eload, and Chariot Carriers.
See you on the road…soon.

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