Hockey …Really ?!

Well, you were probably expecting to see a running picture BUT here’s something else. Despite struggling a bit with my balance, I sure had a great time playing hockey yesterday (at 6.5 mos pregnant!). Thanks for inviting me, Avery and Sondra!

In terms of running, I think the plantar fasciitis is slowly healing. But, now the added weight likely isn’t helping. So, I am running but not too much. I am enjoying about 3 km every other day. I also swim, use the eliptical, and bike on rollers to keep fit! The pregnancy has certainly helped me to sit back and let my body call the shots … to heal.


  1. Not sure there is much of a market for it, but I would love to see pregnancy shoulder pads and hockey pants – too funny!

  2. I like that comment Janna. I would be see that too.

  3. OK this is beyond my ability to understand Canadians… I have 'nuff trouble with the Hockey thing and three periods… but Really? I got new years day at +12°C that's OK with me.

    Running, cycling while pregnant OK but hockey? I don't know…

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