September 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I guess taking some time off (due to plantar fasciitis, nausea, and the need for a true break) means less to blog about! But, I am back. I’ve started some easy running while maintaining my swimming, cycling (on trainer), and weight-training/stretching. The first time out I couldn’t figure out why I was so slow. Then I realized, I was pregnant! I’ve been somewhat following the training of fellow pregnant marathoners, Kara Goucher and Paula Radcliffe. It’s been neat to read about their experiences. Kara has had some back pain and foot surgery, which has slowed her down. Paula ripped up a 44 minute 10 km race in New York City! Wow! I’m sure both ladies (due this month) will be back at it quickly, in order to be ready for London 2012.
I hope to run the Hamilton Road 2 Hope 1/2 marathon in November, just for fun. We’ll see.
This Saturday I will be at the STWM expo. Please, come visit me. I’ll be between the the Eload and Saucony booths. My thoughts and prayers are with Marilyn Arsenault as she sadly had to withdraw from this weekend’s race due to injury. She is a fellow Saucony-sponsored athlete who was hoping to have a sub 2:40 as her marathon debut.
Life continues to be balanced with a variety of events – increased work as a Dietitian, Sunday School teaching, housework (my floors and windows have looked better!), and caring for the boys (age 2.5 and 4.5), etc. September for Micah means JK and hockey. Seth is keeping up with his cousins and talking like crazy. And Jonathan is enjoying his juggle of work, eldership, and family life.
I guess I’d better post some belly pictures soon. I’m just starting to feel this baby move around. t’s a joy to be pregnant!

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  1. congratulations on having a busy life and still posting for you needy stalkers! 🙂

    You have great time – hope to see you in your best form soon! Good running inspires everyone!

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