Two Weeks To Go for the Canadian Marathon Championships in Ottawa, May 30/2010

Well folks, only two more weeks to go until the BIG marathon. Every workout and race this 2010 season has been designed for a personal best time in Ottawa, May 30th at the Canadian Marathon Championships! I am going to be brave and tell you my goal time: less than 2:40!!

I completed my last hard run Wednesday, which was 22 miles on the treadmill (17 of the 22 miles at goal race pace of 10 mph). It was a bit challenging, as I hoped, but felt great when I got off and thought…I AM READY for Ottawa! Thursday was a steady 2.25 km swim and 10 mile run at 9.9 mph, and today was 45 minutes on my rollers (road bike). Tomorrow is to be a steady shorter long run. Then, 2 weeks to stay sharp and healthy! Here I come!
On another note…
As many of you know, I lost my parents to cancer in 1995 and 1997. Just recently, we’ve received the sad news that a very dear friend’s cancer has returned. We are so saddened by this but continue rely on God for his love and strength. So, I am dedicating May 30th to this friend. She is a super person who loves the Lord, and I am so glad I can run for her.

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