Vancouver. Amazing.

The B Family giving the thumbs up to a super day! This family really gave us the true experience of “North Van”. Amazing food (much of it organic and super healthy), views, and catching up on things made for a very special day. One to remember for a long time. We hope to return w/ our boys soon!

Jonathan and Darko enjoyed their time together talking about bikes, chick peas and tuna, spicy soup, and many other memories.

Pretty in pink. Stacey took me to her favourite store, Lu Lu Lemon. While we were there, a few others were celebrating their 1/2 marathon finish so Stacey happily informed them of my win, which impressed them so much that they gave me my new Lu Lu Lemon hoodie! Jenn W. and Cathy Z. will be so proud! Thanks, LLL and Stacey!

Jonathan and Isabella get to know each other while doing a puzzle together.

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