First Victory of the Year – Robbie Burns 8 km !!

If you want to run a race with a lot of great spirit and energy, I recommend the Robbie Burns 8 km. I admire all those who completed the entire race wearing their kilts!

Check out these ladies – the Tartan Tarts from Hamilton. Now, that is spirit! Way to go, girls (one lady was missing, sorry)!

Well, here I am in my Saucony and Eload racing gear. Can you believe I was able to wear shorts and a cap in January?! The weather was amazing (the rain didn’t come until a few hours after the race). I had a good warm-up and ran with a pack of 10 guys for most of the race. I secured first female overall with a time of about 28:22.

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  1. Nice Race Today.

    Let me know your run schedule maybe we could hook up and run.

    Ps. The diet is called Paleo Diet For Athletes By. Joel Friel

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