Results – Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon ’09

What a day! Today I ran the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon for Team Canada. I was ranked the 14th elite female and ended up placing 9th female overall, was the 1st Canadian female, had a personal best time (7th fastest Canadian in 2009), and we (Team Canada) were 2nd in the International Team Challenge.
I was hoping for a faster time but made a few errors: 1. I didn’t drink enough soon enough, which was necessary for the high humidity. 2. I went out too hard in the first half. After chatting with several other elite athletes after the race I realized that they too were a few minutes off their expected times. Live and learn.
The most “interesting” part of the day was the unfortunate loss of fluids I experienced after the race (if you know what I mean)….only to be followed by a mandatory drug test. I finished the race around 10:20 a.m. and wasn’t able to provide the required 90 mL of urine until 3:00 p.m. Then, on the ride back to the hotel, all of the excess water came back up again. I was so glad this happened right after my last “try”, which got me to the required amount! Wow, what an experience.

Looking (but not feeling) OK! The top fastest 2 groups for both men and women get pacers. The rest of us are on our own.

Getting my prize for 1st Canadian Woman from the famous Ed Whitlock. I also had a nice chat with Joan Benoit Samuelson after the race.

Smiling to the crowd. Taking it all in. Thank you: Jonathan, Micah, Seth, Frank, Kevin, Jenn, Henry, Haidee, James, Donna, Paris Runner’s Den, adidas, Chariot, eload, coach Nicole Stevenson, and the many friends and family members who wished me the best and followed me on-line. Also, thanks to the race winner escort who had to stay by my side until the drug test was complete and those at the drug testing station who were so patient with me (I was her new record for longest time of 4.5 hrs. Hey, can I get prize $ for that too?)!

International Team Challenge. England 1st (what a lovely group of folks). Canada 2nd.
Getting hugs from the boys after the race. Sweet.

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