Chariot Carriers – Thank You!!

Today a really big and amazing package arrived for us – a brand new, double bike/run stroller given to us by Chariot, We are thrilled and look forward to running and biking all over with our 2 boys.

They seem to be quite pleased too. Micah was pretty excited that they were able to send it in his favourite colour! Seth was happy to be beside his big brother.

We’ve already had it out for a run and bike.

Jonathan is making the necessary adjustments. It is so easy to convert from bike to run.

I’m sure I will put on many miles this summer as I train for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in September.
Thank you, Chariot!

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  1. looking at your accomplishments WOW!… Any tips for maintaining good form with the Chariot. I am doing the Army 1/2 in Ottawa in September with my son while we wait for dad to get home from Afghanistan! Also my son is 8mths how do you keep them from getting restless.

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