A Perfect Finale.

Throughout times of disappointment and setback I rarely lacked the words to express my feelings. Although difficult, I knew I was growing in my faith and character, and trusted in brighter days ahead. There was much to say.
Here I am struggling to describe what may have been the race of my life, the brightest and most incredibly satisfying experience of my athletic career.
After over two decades at the sport, I believe I mastered the event in my 22nd time completing it. Everything about it, and the events leading up to and around it, was perfect. Absolutely perfect.
The list is far too long but there are three things that made this particular marathon a huge success:

  1. A training plan tailored and tweaked for me by a trusted coach.
  2. A consistently implemented strength program custom made by a credible professional.
  3. A will to want it equally, or more, than any other.
    I’ve experienced incredible joy in this marathon pursuit and didn’t once lack the motivation to work at something I loved and had fun doing.
    I’m also very fortunate to have had the uncontrollables work in my favour toward achieving this finale on such a high note. I will continue to be grateful for what running has and will keep being in my life, and will forever savour this final marathon chapter of my life that I was blessed to write on my terms.

Tokyo Marathon
2:38:53, Canadian W45 Record
Even splits of 1:19:19 & 1:19:34, something I’d never done
19th Overall
2nd place age 40+
1st place age 45+
Getting my 6th star medal for completing the World Marathon Majors: 2017 London, 2018 Boston, 2019 Berlin, 2021 New York City, 2022 Chicago, and 2023 Tokyo, placing first three times, fifth, third and second respectively in age 40+

For each and everyone of you who’ve played a part in this journey, I thank you. Thank you for your incredible love and support.

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