The Future That May Come.

With less than eight weeks to go until the October 22 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, I am cautiously optimistic that I will get to the start line for a decent race. What I mean by decent, I have no idea at this point.  I have been consistently cross- training, six days per week at an average of 2.5 hours/day. Coach Dave has given me a thorough program, including workouts that I do on the bike or elliptical. I’ve gradually increased the amount of weight-bearing time by being more on the elliptical, and in a standing position on the bike. Pool running remains a staple but I am giving more of an effort than when I am logging my normal running mileage. I started walk-jogging a few weeks ago and have now successfully completed two 10 km runs. One was on the track and the other on the treadmill as I will be sticking to soft surfaces for a while until I am ready to hit the pavement. It won’t be one of my best marathon builds but I am simply happy to be back at it, hoping to complete my fifteen marathons in fifteen years #15in15.

I am really excited to be participating in the Canada Army Run  as both an athlete, in either the 10 km or half marathon, and speaker at the pasta dinner. By recently adjusting my expectations and race goals, I’ve been able to launch my new website and transition to the next phase of my career, including public speaking, and broadcasting and event promotion. I am really looking forward to sharing my story about the many trials and blessings I’ve had over the course of my career. I think many can relate to setting goals and experiencing set-backs no matter what path of life they are on. Additionally, being in Ottawa for this September 15-17 event will allow me to broaden my race weekend experience with less of a focus on an elite field, and more on an entirely different community. Running brings so many incredible people together and I am thrilled to learn more about and meet people who have served for our wonderful country. The Canada Army Run uses a cannon to start the races, and runners receive dog-tag medals at the finish line! I think the best part of this weekend is found in the description on the website, “Canada Army Run is about Canadians and the Canadian Armed Forces – Air Force, Army, and Navy – joining together in the spirit of camaraderie and community.”

We’ve had a wonderful summer with much time spent with my sister and her kids at the cabin. I’ve particularly enjoyed returning home from the gym to have my trusty oatmeal and green smoothie while my 9 year old son makes crepes that he, his brother and sister enjoy while I’m sipping my second or third coffee. They will soon be back to school so I am going to savour this last week of the summer before we get into the busyness of packing lunches, completing homework, piano practices, and participating in swimming, hockey, and gymnastics.


We enjoyed this casual family photo shoot at our campground.
Making leftovers look pretty: leafy greens, peas, plain Greek yogurt, black beans, beef & lentils, tomatoes, red pepper, salsa and broccoli.
Returning to running in these spiffy Saucony Zealots.
Cheering on our 6 year old daughter as she graduates to the deep end!
A 2 hr elliptical session doesn’t quite have me smiling like a run but trusting all this x-training will pay off, Oct 22!