This Is It!

Well, this is it.
The last time I wrote a post, I had 6 weeks to go. Now, I have one. One week until I race in the Women’s Marathon at the Rio Olympic Games at 9:30 am (8:30 EST on cbc) on August 14, 2016.
In mid-July I was gearing up to train for three of my highest mileage weeks ever while taking full advantage of the hot and humid Ontario summer we were experiencing. It was at this time that this whole Olympic thing started to feel real. This was it. I filled and consumed countless bottles of Eload, was in my pyjamas before most people would even start dinner, agonized in the sauna, and doubled up on my treatments to ensure I was doing everything possible to be at my best.

[A huge shout out goes to Aluminate as we were getting some work done on the house (siding, windows, etc) during this time. When I returned from a run, we compared our work in the heat, and determined which corner of the house would be best for my nap while they continued. I enjoyed their calm classical music, appreciated their cleanliness, and most importantly loved the final product.]

Coach Rick and I were hoping I could mimic my training from 2013 when I had my best year. And I think we were fairly successful in doing that. I may not quite be as fast as we focused more on acclimating for the heat and humidity while appropriately adjusting paces. My tempos are key fitness indicators and even though they have been slightly slower, the overall pace for the entire run has been faster. More of them were outside within a 25-35 km run than inside on the treadmill within 25-30 km. My average weekly mileage for my three peak weeks was 172 km compared to 165 km, and most of my runs occurred between 10:30am-12:30pm, which allowed me to start with more humidity and end with more heat.  I feel like I am stronger and more equipped to handle a race in tough conditions, which is more about placement than time. My weight is 118 lb and RHR at 36, which also gives me confidence that I am ready.

On Monday, August 8 I will fly with several athletes from Athletics Canada since August 9 is the first day we can enter the athletes’  village. August 12 is the first day of competition. I am really looking forward to having the race of my life, and taking in the entire Olympic experience. Wow, what a journey! Again, I thank each and everyone of you for everything you have done to make this possible. Let’s do this.

Second last tempo within a long run. Thanks, Rachel and Mitch!

Rio! Rio! Rio!

Oldest, and proud of it!

Proud to be CANADIAN!

Enjoying my last run with the gang. 

Team Krista shirts. Thanks again, J&K.

Coach Rick, the two boys and I headed to Guelph to get my Canada gear and receive treatment from physiotherapist, Brenda Scott-Thomas. Loved my time there as a Gryphon (ice hockey).