Around the Bay 30 km Race

Today was a great day to race. I did the 30 km in 1:53:10, which placed me 3rd woman overall. I am really thrilled with how I did. I felt strong and steady. A special thanks to Dale for the hill encouragement! Here’s an email I sent to coach Nicole Stevenson about the race.

“As for the play by play, I can actually remember details of this race! So, here it is. I ran with those 3-4 guys for the first 15-18 km then when the hills started around 19 km (?), I was doing my own thing, leaving most of them behind. My garmin seemed to be slower than the others’ so when I thought I was slower, I was on pace. Odd. Anyway, the flat section around 25 km was nice as a break before the hard hill around 26 km. This hill was particularly neat because a guy from our group ran with me up the hill, then repeated it 4 or 5 times with others from our group. So my mind was not thinking of the hill at all (when I had been prepared the entire race for that nasty hill). Then, the last few km’s were sweet. I felt I could have gone harder but then just thought, hey why not enjoy the last few km’s. Then I gave a sweet kick at the end. So fun! I did a cool down after. It was kinda long ’cause I was looking for a friend but all good. Then I came home, had something to eat, a power nap, a shower, and hosted Seth’s 2nd birthday party!! I feel totally great. Not tired. No aches. Hardly anything!”

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